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Please make sure that you have already read our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section thoroughly before asking questions.

How To Buy ?

1. Please choose the stuff and the number you want to buy from us. Please remember that there is a minimum order of Rp 50.000,- if you want to buy online.
2. After choosing "Add to Cart" on products that you choose, do CHECK OUT!
3. Update your cart with quantity you order. After that fill your complete address and your phone number on the next step..Soon, we will reply your inquiry with the total cost you have to pay. The shipping cost are based on TIKI JNE.
4. You have to transfer the total cost to BCA account 5270706365 a/n Shirley Mulianty (Bina Nusantara University branch) OR you can just deposit the money to our bank account in the nearest BCA office.
5. Please confirm to us that you have transfered some money to the bank account.
6. We will pack your stuff and send them right to your front door :)

7. Or you can email your inquiry to, along with your complete address and your phone number.

8. Happy shopping :)

Do you ship world wide and any other payment method ?

We ship worldwide and we accept Paypal for international payment.

Is It Secure ?

We have been doing online business since 2003 and we are genuine seller ! So you don't have to worry. You will not pay for nothing.

Is The Price Including Shipping Cost ?

No, the price is not including shipping cost. The shipping cost will be e-mailed to you according to your address and the total weight of your inquiry.

Where Is MySweetCouple Located ?

Right now we only have 1 outlet. Please visit our mini outlet at MyHobbyTown:
Mall Artha Gading.
Atrium Nusantara Lantai 1
B2. No 8 (samping BATA)
Jl. Artha Gading Selatan No. 1
Jakarta Utara 12420 - Indonesia

Does MySweetCouple have any connection with MyHobbyTown ?

Yes. We are brother and sister :)

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